2016 Garden of Shadows Blind Date Gift

YURI’s NewSea mix hair; Pooklet’s V3 textures; Pooklet's natural colors (plus Timebomb!), Digi’s Angel and extra colors, and io’s Ennead colors. Elders take Timebomb. All natural colors are binned and familied. For young adults~elders only.

LeahLillith’s antieyebrow piercings 3t2 conversion; For teens~elders; males and females.

Non-muscular skins for boys! Original skin by Rible13. Three tones using Trappings actions: pale dust, light rose, + sunkissed. 

Hair by Simsaae and it claims to be a 3t2 conversion but I don’t know where it’s from originally. Also only for young adults~elders. Same retextures as before.

Three VK eye makeups filed under blush. I realpha’d an eyeshadow by AvikaPang and one by Heinz to make some undereye streaks and an upper eye crease liner. I recolored an alpha by Jonjjang to make a wing liner as well. All are layerable with each other too!

I also took an all-over face highlighter by NOVA and broke the alpha into separate cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose highlighters. All are layerable with each other.”

Sims 2

sims 2 ts2 download cc makeup skin hair accessory piercing

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