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Lace bodysuit

Lipstick #4 remastered

Summer ☀

Call me "August" .

" My Sunshine "

Semi-mini CC Dump | Hair Recolors

Rocker Jacket / Male Version 1

Madlen Riva Boots

Madlen Morava Boots

Madlen Ostrava Shoes

Aprilia Boots [RECOLOR] by Luxy

Madlen Piacenza Boots

Toast Bard Boots

Female_Hiking Boots

Created By Sentate

Chunky Stud Leather Boots

Eris Boots [RECOLOR] by Luxy

Dolce Gabbana Floral SS 2016 Wedges by MrAntonieddu


Pulse Bedroom

Milla’s Gift 21 & 22 Conversions


Redone heterochromia eyecolors


Jenny's brows

Caitlin's brows

haneco ts4 AF gilet

Plain hoodies V2 and ripped jeans

♥Mesh by @sims4-marigold♥Mesh is not included!

♥Mesh by @sims4-marigold♥Mesh is not included!

Macbook Pro

Headlines Hair: DOWNLOAD 

Semller Nike Ultra AF/AM

Semller Adidas Superstar

3t4 Conversion of Lunasims Big Ben Windows.

Eyebrows #76-78

BOHO DRESS RECOLORS by melon-pixels

Callista Open Cut Dress

Lust For Life Dress

My First Creation!! :D

Rexha Eyes


Eyes in 35 colors, all ages and genders

Eyes #1 + eyemask

Eyes #8AB

Natural Matte Lipstick

S-Club WM thesims4 Lipstick Men02

Camelot Lipstick