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Sk8 or Cry!




I want to believe posters

AF briefs

Kawaii Patterns and Sweater cute retexture

Okay so I decided to stop being lazy for the few people that were interested in the prompts I did. I went ahead and made all of them list compatible. I know I won’t use them, so I might as well give them away. Everytime I make poses for myself chances are I only use them on the day it’s made and the

Recolorable eyes

Unrecolorable eyes

77Pose-Simple Male Pose +acc shoes


20161031 - Poses : Trainspotting inspired

Updated green eyes

The sims 2 to The sims 3 random conversions

~Comic skin~

Cassandra shoes / Gothic boots

~Flowerbed Fence - A TS2 to TS3 conversion~


Redone heterochromia eyecolors

20170303 - Male Sim (no CC sliders, minimal CC)


Matte lips



~Bug house with Bee effects! ~

Lipgloss #52

Lipgloss #39

Lipstick #4 remastered

Lipgloss #51




it’s a weed plant and a bong. um. yeah. i’m sure it will come up so i’ll just say it now - feel free to convert the bong into an accessory for poses.

glass bong with water in it. yup. same as the other one, feel free to convert it to whatever for poses, just give credit. :)

Spring Terrace

Ichosim Cookbook// Magazine Conversions + Recolors Cookbook// 8 SwatchesOpen Cookbook// 10 SwatchesMagazine// 21 SwatchesOpen Magazine// 11 SwatchesOg Meshes/Recolors: B5/PseudoDiggs/Jope/Nemestaya

Nora Hallway

Collection Glasses Male /Female Base Game compatible by JenniSims


K Artworks – 4 Ever Vintage Artworks – set 1

DIY Rustic Pallet Bed Part 2

DIY Rustic Pallet Bed Part 1

 2T4 The Cubby Hole Conversion

38. Spotty tights

The Glam Clothing Rack

Simply Styling conversions TS2-TS4 19 meshes

Fur Rugs – 毛茸茸地毯

Sims4 Polaroid Photos 牆上照片組

K Photonik Windows ( Sunny / Moony ) – Set 2