Thank you for all cc ♥

Hair & Accessories : @leahlillith   Skin & Eyelash : @kijiko-sims

Skin Detail : @fashionroyaltysims   Brows : @alf-si

Eyes & Earrings : @pralinesims   Eyeshadow : In game

Eyeliner : @tsminh-3   Lip & Tattoo : @salem2342

Sims 4

sims 4 sims 4 screenshot screenshot photoshoot nude sexy model


Greatdaysimmer - 8 years ago

I should ask how you made her naked because i searched a lot about this and found nothing


Miewmini - 8 years ago

I searched a lot about this in Google. But this credit, It's CC Creater's Tumblr...not mean CC item link. Sorry 😢

Greatdaysimmer - 8 years ago

You can give the link of his website ?!

Miewmini - 8 years ago

I am forgetten but I will tried find link for you 😅 . You can find a few CC at CC Creater's Tumblr. Please look at their tumblr 😁