A Whole Bunch of Stuff I'd Been Meaning to Do!

3t2 conversion of Simsimi's Oversized sweater for adult male. No morphs. 6 original textures, 8 solid color textures, 4 gothy textures.

4t2 conversion of KK's Slim Pants for adult male. 9 textures. 4 shoe options. No morphs.

3t2 conversion of the77sim's Screw Earrings. Left and right versions. 5 textures. For teens~elders; males and females.

3t2 conversion of White Enamel's Witch Brim Hat. For teens~elders; males and females.

4t2 conversion of Marigold's Cross-Studded Hightops for adult male. Bottomless version and .OBJ file included.

Sims 2

sims 2 ts2 download cc conversion 3t2 4t2 clothing shoes accessory hat earrings

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