DeeDee 3t2 JacketBustier recolors

A Whole Bunch of Stuff I'd Been Meaning to Do!

CASSIS x Kadri Paperclip Earrings 3t2

Three Earrings Conversions

CASSIS x Gold Dream Dark Angel Halo 3t2

CASSIS x NataliS + Daluved Wedding Ring + Band

CASSIS x the77sim3 M.Y.V. Hair

CASSIS x HAL Pierce Set 3t2

CASSIS x LeahLillith Piercing Conversions

AntiPop: 5 T-shirts + 3t2 Pants Conversion

2015 Garden of Shadows Secret Santa Gift

Cassis x JS SIms Snapback 3t2

Cassis x ShaTsai Ozzy Boots Bottomless 3t2

DISORDER HEAVEN: 3t2 Top and Wrist Bandana

Cassis' Super Big Kinky Conversion Set

CASSISxthe77sims3 Rock Never Dies Piercings 3t2

Friday the 13th: Creepy Accessory Conversions

CASSISxAhiruchanet Navel Piercing 3t2

HAL's Hair 4 3t2 Conversion


Accessory Conversion Fixes

A Few Requested Conversions

CASSISxAhiruchanet: Rosary Necklace

CASSISxArtSims: Military Cap