New mesh set & recolors by AnYe (Sims 2)

Bread Pudding - This dessert is premade and is found in “AF Requests PreM” in the fridge menu. Rainbow Icecream - This meal is found during lunch time and in the make many tab of the fridge. You will find this icecream labled as “Afrequests22 Rainbow Icecream” in Make many and Make tab.

Download Here

Cute llamas! <3

Roses mini set for TS2

Deliciously Indulgent Bakery

Cartoon Network toys

Digital Monsters!

New “Sofa-Set” by AnYe (Sims 2)

Japanese Ramen by AriesFlare

Cargo - 24 Backpacks as Objects (Advent Day Seven)

Okashi: Japanese Sweets Deco