20161031 - Poses : Trainspotting inspired

77Pose-Simple Male Pose +acc shoes

Okay so I decided to stop being lazy for the few people that were interested in the prompts I did. I went ahead and made all of them list compatible. I know I won’t use them, so I might as well give them away. Everytime I make poses for myself chances are I only use them on the day it’s made and the

Summer Collection

Cutie Posepack! O3O

Lady Gaga Pose Pack I



[ Selfie Posepack ]  BRAND NEW POSEPACK!!!!!

Just the first set of poses made public! Sorry for slowness on updates, I have to work the next 3 days but then I’ll have 5 off to get back to working on stuff!

hi guyz! 

2/4. I’ve been hoarding half of these for a while and i thought it was time i shared more poses with you guys. Don’t take the camera angle in these previews as how it’s meant to be, interpret however you wish. The poses with 2..some click together….well i think they all do but bc of the height diffe

Various female poses

In The Car Pose Pack

Piano Pose Pack

77 Pose- Sentiment set

Casual Pose Pack by TheaiNyx

Kylie Jenner inspired poses!

Nadia & Val.


Simple Female Poses 

Nadia & Scott, being cute and stuff.

here are 4 poses, non poselist, please tag me #pixelecstasy if you use them, i’d love to see how they look in your game :3 enjoy! ♥