K Photonik Windows ( Sunny / Moony ) – Set 2

Triangular Loft Windows + Ceiling Frames (new meshes)

window addons

3t4 Conversion of Lunasims Big Ben Windows.

K Photonik - 15 Windows ( x 7 recolors ) - set 1

K All Wood Doors – 49 Doors – sets 1 to 7

Modern Granite walls

7 Wood Floors – K Neo-Wood – volume 2

Workingindustrial double doors by scandiforest.

Created By mutske

Sill Frill - A window sill with 7 slots by orangemittens

+1000 followers gift - Patterned wallpaper ♡.

I was waiting for Dine Out to come and decided to start building my restaurant in anticipation. I really love the looker windows that came with the base-game, but only being in 2 tile meant they had limited use. So since we can now make windows easily with S4S, I went about making some size variants

Created By mutske

Created By mutske

Industrial Sliding Door Recolors M E S H 20 Swatches 

BRIGHT ROOFS by pxelbox


24 swatchesmesh included, a big thanks to black-le for the orginal meshsecond wall height

Neighborly windowbox - resized & recolored

TS4 - Grass Flowers Set (EP02)

Fiddledeedee Half Life 2 Broken World (TS4)

7 Concrete and Cement Walls - volumes 7 & 8