Created By toksik

Lace Up Choker (TS4)

toksik - Breeze Necklace

Multirow Moon Necklace (TS4)

Created By toksik

Created By toksik

Ednas Choker from Tales Of Zestiria. 7 colors.

Arrow Necklace (TS4)

LeahLillith’s Promise Collar

toksik - Sansa Necklace

5 different tattoo chokers in 2 colors.

Created By toksik

toksik - Gemini Necklace


Lace Choker (TS4)


Strife Necklace - now for women aswell. 10 colors. (male version: *click*)

The pocket watch from Tales Of Xillia 2. For female and male sims, child to elder. 5 colors.

Necklace for your male rockstars, 10 colors.

S-Club LL ts4 collar 07

Cute friendship necklaces

toksik - 17 Necklace

Sword necklace, matching to our earrings (you can find them here: *click*). Female and male, same 15 colors.