Halter neck Sleeveless & Feather Belt Hot Pants

jeans & shorts pack

Long Sleeve Striped Bodysuit with Belt

Ribbon Tiered Sleeveless With Tee & Ribbon Tiered Sleeveless & Destroyed Crop Top

Summer Flare Sleeveless With Tee & Summer Flare Sleeveless 

Sasha Top (TS4)

toksik - Gravitic Pants

Layered shirt (unisex)

Halter Neck Ethnic Dress

Created By Sentate

Dark Lace Bodysuit

TS4 Man short slim fit Blazer & Trousers Download you need bottom mesh. MESH  by.marigold(thanks♥)special thanks to  Pralinesims

toksik - Kathryn Bralet

Created By Sentate

Male_ Unbalance Hawaiian Shirts & Combat Boots

Jumpsuit - Sara (S4)

S4- LANA denim shorts

Created By Sentate

Created By Sentate

First I just want to thank all my lovely followers for even following me. I thought I would make a simple gift for you lovelies. Since I’m still horrible at meshing….here are some recolors!

Hawaiian Shirts & Skirt Pants With Belt