7 Nihon Woody Lamps – set 1 to 3

5 Breezy Lanterns – Outdoor Party serie – volume 1

neon lights batch fixed_20160718

“The Palms” neon light + backboard requested by anon.

neon lights requested by kelfina 

Resturant logo ideas

Reminiscent Set

Did EA do something to lighting in a patch? Because suddenly it seemed like this lamp was really really bright. Anyway, I fixed it, added new colors, and updated the texture to be a bit less grainy.

Oeps… Added the floorlight from the Loft set.


Ts3-Ts4 Random ConversionsToy Rabbit / Wasp Lights / Ticket Robot

Potence by Jean Prouve (Vitra)

S4S Special bear set [TS4]

Cantankerous Cackleberries Shortened and Recolored

Lighting for TS4 by Milana

Brave New World Lamp by Moooi

Hat Ceiling Lamp (S / L)

MS91 Serge Mouille lighting

Alcor Hallway

Brayden String Lights and Cuerro Floor Lamp by Request

Kid’s Light Set

Lighting Up Your (Sims) Life

Seeing The Forest For The Trees